At-One Specs

Here are the At-One specifications


We’ve designed THE At-One Adjustable Gunstock to adjust and fit a wide range of shooter sizes, from youth to the long and lanky. The length of pull, and comb adjustability will allow the rifle to fit most shooters.

Length of Pull

12-1/2” – 14”

Comb Travel


Overall Length

30-1/4” butt retracted
31-3/4” butt extended

Forearm Insert Width

Standard: 1-3/4” at rear, 1-7/16” at front
Target Style: 2” at rear, 1-13/16” at front

Recoil Pad

1/2” thick, over-molded rubber


approximately 3 lbs

To determine if there is an At-One Adjustable Gunstock for your rifle, choose the make, model and action on the selector below.